Are you ready for a fresh perspective on some personal or professional issue?  I provide Intuitive Consulting by connecting spiritual guides, Aura reading, and Tarot reading for personal and business clients.  My vision is to provide you with the kind of information you can use to grow personally or in business.  Here is where I share with you the tools I think you’ll find helpful in your journey on this wonderfully strange adventure called life.

    Values are important to me and here are three of my core values:

  • Authentic Connection:  Whether having me design a process to grow your business, dancing a tanda together, or working with your chakras how we connect is vital.
  • Personal Growth in All Areas of My Life:  I am always learning and growing.  It’s important that the people I work with value and are active in their own personal growth.
  • Happiness:  My happiness requires I get enough sleep, exercise, love, good food, good water, show appreciation, exercise my creative abilities.  Happiness is a prerequisite to success of all stripes.  I want you to be happy too!
    Here are the top links links to get you up to speed on what’s going on around here:
  • A Brief History of My Spiritual Path
  • Looking for Intuitive Insights on a personal or professional situation?
  •  Growing Your Business! is about finding hidden marketing assets in your business.  Check it out if you want to learn about putting a process in place to grow your business without additional advertising.
  • Dance With Me! is about my discovery of Argentine Tango and the beautiful tango community.
  • Case Studies!  Is where I share real experiences I and others have had in the areas of business growth, personal growth, soul mate relationships, working with chi, and applying spiritual or consciousness tools to real world situations.


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