It’s All About The Execution!

My brain is for rent.  Call me for a free opportunity analysis.  In about an hour we’ll know where additional profitable opportunities are hidden in your business.  And if you like what you see I’ll execute a 7 step process to mine those opportunities.

What do my clients think about working with me?  Try this page where they sing my praises.

My intuition is available for rent, too.  Life can be odd.  My life is proof.

Want to learn how to dance Argentine Tango?  (There’s even a video of me dancing!)

How Do We Make Clients Money?

#1 On the technical side, I’ve written custom code to join old legacy databases to support senior executives decision making and strategic planning.

How did that turn out?

Besides helping automate day to day information needs of senior management I was able to generate the information need to secure  over $1,000,000 in grant money.  With less than 3 hours notice.  Nice ROI!  They got their money’s worth from me x10 on that one!  And fast!

#2 A small non-profit I work with collected $2,883.00 in a fund raiser for veterans.  I helped them with WordPress, SEO, content, and marketing strategy.

#3 On the marketing side, I’ve been able to help business owners find thousands of dollars in untapped opportunities laying around in their businesses.  Hidden marketing assets they could capitalize on to add to their bottom line fast.  One client was back logged with work within three weeks of our initial meeting!

#4 Occasionally, I do technical support troubleshooting hardware and software problems for friends and small businesses.  I also provide hosting and WordPress development and support to a few select clients.

#5 Business executives have used my intuitive and tarot services since 2010 to explore insights into employee performance, understand markets, and even create balanced and creative energetic space for meetings.